These Formative Years

by Garrett Scott Dowell

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released 03 April 2013

Garrett Dowell - Vocals/Guitar/Piano
Chris Domingue - Guitar
Garrick Davis - Drums
Blaine Dupree - Bass



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Track Name: Welcome
Did I welcome your arrival with a sigh or with a grin
Did you hope to find me rattled when I finally let you in
Goddamn are you gullible
Goddamn are you as bad as me
Can I offer you a light
Can I offer you a drink
Tell me is the temperature to your satisfaction
I know how particular you can be
Am I being overbearing
Am I successfully under your skin
Am I on the cusp of another blow out
Are you taking all the necessary
Don't default to missionary
If you're cocked and saftey's off then I can only hope you're ready
I'm raining hell on you
I'm raining hell now
I'm raining hell on you
I'm raining hell down
I'm gonna' rock your Humvee like a roadside bomb
I'm gonna' eat your country like a ten ton payload of napalm
Drop you on your back on a bouncing betty
Raining hell from the tip of my tongue
And when the bombs have died and smoke's the skies
This'll hang on your eardrums
Track Name: Charlie
Well hello, my name is Charlie
I am born into the air
Baptized in combustion
Hold your ears I declare

How the world spirals so quickly
And it’s strange to be alone
Separated from my family
Even though they reassured me I’ll do great things on my own

Well hello, I see you’re lovely
And I cannot look away
Your heart has everything I aim for
A roomy atrium that soon will be a quiet place

Well I know you heard me coming
And I hope you’re not afraid
But if I miss there will be no purpose
If I miss I’ll leave a hole in some forgotten place

Well hello, my name is Charlie and no, I don’t think I’m missing today
I so appreciate your company and hate to leave you this way
But if you loved it please don’t hide it, just stand up and let in the pain
But don’t move too much or I’ll miss you and this all will be in vain.
Track Name: Friction Digger
If you ask, I’ll let you fall
If you ask, I will
I broke my back to build you up
Now I’ll throw you down this hill

I’ll throw you down this hill, my girl
I’ll throw you down, I will
And at the bottom I will wait
Until your body’s still

Don’t be afraid (no, I won’t)
I’ll keep you safe (no, you won’t)
I’ll keep those bones from out your eyes

Now after you collect yourself
Tell me what you see
Are you not comfortable
With your present company?

We’ll slip between the branches
And lay among the leaves
You be my Maid Marian
I’ll be your Prince of Thieves

Don’t be afraid
I’ll keep you safe
I’ll keep those bones from out your eyes

Untie your knot, Nottingham
The Friar won’t mind, as I understand
Give me your riches or die where you stand
My kingdom to witness your ring in my hand

So since you asked, I let you fall
Since you asked, I did
Do you need some water now?
Do you need to rest your head?

Kiss me on the shoulder
Kiss me on the cheek
Kiss me when your moon’s out
I’ll meet you by the creek
Track Name: Up the Road
“Come out, come out. I know you’re there,”
He called down an empty street.
His shoulders bruised, his hands, they shook
from the weight and from the heat
of his evening work

Burning paper labored in the wind
Its blackened, smoking edges framed a headline
“Brilliant City Savior Gone Insane--
Claims the World’s a Ghost Town”
And a slight chance of rain.

The compass on his hip
raised its flashing arms
He gently thumbed a switch
And the engine powered on

A scream then froze my blood
and bathed my eyes in light
a soul torn from the skin
a cyclone of downward white

Ember trails glowed along the road
The night sky was mangled from lightning below
Whispers on the radio say we’d better leave
I suppose we could, but I don’t know
Spengler finds us all eventually


“Please will you try to understand?
I’ve seen the other side and it’s nothing like you plan.
No welcome arms of loved ones. No fires below.
Just cold and dark eternity
And you spend it all alone.

“Let me hold your hand,
and walk you to your home.
Your family is waiting there
In my basement up the road.
Track Name: The Devil You Know
Better the devil you know
Than the devil you don’t
Better the blades of Rome
Than the breath of Pompeii

Sheppard heard the cry
Of a Hyena in the night
He broke in half her crooked spine
And tore the stone out from her shifting eye

And placed it under his tongue

Dance like the beasts that dance in the shadows
That danced on the walls of Rome
Light and fire form a geyser
Keep our babies warm

Better the devil you know
Than the devil you don’t
But when all that remains are your devils’ refrains
At least you won’t be alone

Shake off the ash, let’s get going
The day is growing dark
The temper of Old Vesuvius
Will surely leave a mark

Devils caught under our feet
The world screamed and let them out
We bellowed and basked in the heat
Our bodies belonged to the sound

In centuries we’ll be discovered
Discarded and underground
Statues frozen in dreams
Still clinging to that wonderful sound